Terms and Conditions – August 2022 InBetween

Please read the following Terms and Conditions. By accessing the password-protected Home Page, and your purchase of a ticket to attend the Geneen Roth August 11-14, 2022 InBetween Weekend, you agree to the following:

1. The tuition fee paid is non-refundable, non-transferrable.

2. I will not write about, publish or publicize the content of the InBetween and any portion thereof, without the written permission of Geneen Roth and Associates (GR&A).

3. I understand that I am solely responsible for maintaining the strict confidentiality of the Online InBetween Home Page URL and Password, and the InBetween Recording Page URL and Password. I also agree to not allow another person to use this information to access the content about the InBetween or video recordings.

4. I understand that I am responsible for using this technology (ZOOM meetings) in a secure and private location.

5. I understand and agree that I will NOT to separately record any of the sessions, by audio or video. I also understand and agree that photography (screen shots) of the InBetween are not permitted and shall not be shared on social media or any other form of publication (digital or printed).

6.  I acknowledge and agree that GR&A will be recording all sessions of the InBetween, and GR&A may at its sole discretion use these recordings, screen shot photography or audio files from the online InBetween, including  the participation of any or all participants therein (yourself included), in any and all media, provided that GR&A will take reasonable efforts to disguise my personal identity.

7. I understand that I am responsible for providing and configuring any electronic equipment (computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet) that is used to attend and view the online retreat. I also understand that it is my responsibility to ensure the proper functioning of my electronic equipment and ensure sufficient WiFi internet connection before the InBetween sessions begin. If I am experiencing any technical difficulties with my internet, I acknowledge that I must contact my internet provider for technical support.

8. I understand that all content, written, audio and video recordings, of the August 11-14, 2022 InBetween Weekend with Geneen Roth is copyrighted © 2022 and owned by Geneen Roth and Geneen Roth & Associates, Inc., all rights reserved.

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