This Extraordinary Moment – Webinar Replay

This is an extraordinary moment in time, our lives, our histories. And herstories. This kind of major world-event can induce panic and panic can induce old patterns from childhood: the sense of not getting or having enough, and therefore wanting or needed to hoard whatever is hoard-able.

Geneen's free webinar on Saturday on this topic was such a powerful time together.  And because you'll want to watch to this talk again ... or because you might have missed it live ... we're making it available streaming online.

During this webinar, Geneen talked about this extraordinary moment in time we are sharing and answered so many of your concerns:

  • Naming and normalizing the feelings that are passing through. Allowing everything that is here without getting swallowed up by scary stories about it.
  • Remembering (by listening) what your body wants, needs.
  • Becoming aware of — and questioning — old voices, old patterns. “You are unworthy.” “You will never get or have enough.” “You are unlovable.” “You’ve blown it and now there is no going back.”
  • Disengaging from that inner judge. Now. Not blaming yourself is crucial.
  • Taking time every single day, many times a day to see what’s good. What you already have enough of.

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