From Aha to Long-lasting Change. Really.

From Aha to Long-Lasting Change. Really.

We've heard from many of you that life happened (as it often does) and you were not able to join the live call this week. It was a powerful, exhilarating hour both because of debunking the myths that change isn’t possible, outlining the steps that make it accessible and also because the questions you asked were profound and heartfelt. So many of them were about trying and (allegedly) failing many times. "Where does the motivation come from now?” one woman asked. “How can I believe in myself, over and over, when nothing has ever worked?” Another question was about dieting as a way to connect with our mothers and feel linked through generations, but also feeling stuck in a world where diets and binges have become a way of life. At the end of the call, I was utterly inspired by hearing from you and by the limitlessness of what’s possible — and how.


We’re making the call available through Sunday because why not hear and know the power, the love and the precise ways to transformation. Listen by clicking on the player below ... but don't wait. This recording is available only until midnight on Sunday, January 27:


WOMEN, WEIGHT AND POWER: Releasing the Energy of Obsession

Come, come to Geneen's intensive Women, Weight and Power:  Releasing the Energy of Obsession on March 1-2, 2019 in the San Francisco Bay area. Learn how to show up and treat yourself with kindness and love -- not only with food but in so many areas of your life. For more information and to register online, CLICK HERE  ... or call our retreat manager Judy at 703-401-0871.




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