From Aha to Long-Lasting Change. Really.

From Aha to Long-Lasting Change. Really.

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From Aha to Long-Lasting Change. Really.

It’s so reassuring to have staggering insights. Aha moments. Epiphanies. I love those…

And then, of course, comes the process of turning those lightbulb moments into transforming the way we live. How we think, move, respond. How we treat our kids, our partners, our friends. Ourselves. And the food. How we eat, what we eat, when we eat. The food. The food.

I’ve been thinking a lot about real change because for so long, I worked hard at it while all the while doubting that it was actually possible for me. I wanted it but wasn’t sure how it happened or if it was within my grasp or control. And then, after I saw that I wasn't the same person I used to be, I realized that true change was possible. Really. And I understood what was involved. Which is why I want to talk to you on Monday, January 21st at 5 pm Pacific, about turning stunning insights into long-lasting change.

After tracking my own process for years and working with so many of you, I’ve seen and experienced that true, deep, long-lasting change is within our power. And that it requires a change of perspective and a true sense of what is involved. We’ve touched on this subject before, but it’s worth going fully into it now, especially as it’s the middle of January and all those beginning-of-the-year promises you made may have withered or are in the process of coming apart.

During our time together, we will explore:

  • the power of insight
  • revisioning your life so that what you long for has its place
  • joy: where it is, how to discover it, why it matters
  • basic, simple actions to take — they don’t take long — for immediate change
  • and, of course, and always, what role food plays in all of the above!

I'd love to hear from you before Monday with your questions and comments. I will read through them and answer as many as is possible in our time together. So, think about what you'd like to ask or tell me, and then write to me at:





One response to “From Aha to Long-Lasting Change. Really.

  1. My AHA moment….it was Dec 31, 2018. I experienced a flash in my head.
    The message I was getting was a total flip for me.
    You see, my husband lied and kept secrets through our 20 year marriage…and I blamed him for destroying our marriage, our family…I accused him of not dealing with his other addictions (besides alcohol). Yet a divorce settlement has been difficult to figure out because of our older age, money, and a dependent adult child.
    After turning down the last property settlement that worked for both of us, he emailed me what he’d been doing throughout our marriage – he was going to live his life as though he was divorced, not interfere in my life, and he expected the same from me.
    Expecting me to live his lie? My anger rants increased, the noise in my head was exhausting….and, of course, chocolate was my best friend.
    Around the end of the year, I hit my bottom. I did not want to live like this. I was done.
    But it was New Years Eve, by myself, that I got slammed…this was not about him. I had been a participant in his lies by agreeing to continue to be married!
    This was about my program of recovery, which I couldn’t have much of one as I’d been lying, too.
    I hadn’t felt good about my “sobriety” for many years – I just hadn’t been drinking.
    My aha – I needed to start over. Everything. My recovery, eating, exercising…and pursue divorcing or getting a marital settlement.
    The relief I felt was huge.
    But I’ve stuck in the “AHA” – I haven’t put together a plan for starting over.
    P.S. I realize this is too late for you to read, but it has been helpful to put all that in words and acknowledge I haven’t done anything about it!
    So, thank you.

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