Why Your Relationship with Food Matters More Than Ever – Listen Now

Why Your Relationship with Food and Your Body Matters More than Ever

Now, in the midst of these extraordinary times, is the perfect moment to come home to your body. To refine your relationship with food, to remember why you even care about food when so much is going on that needs or asks for our attention.  If you aren’t living in that home — in your arms and legs and heart — nothing else makes much sense. It’s hard to make decisions, it’s hard to act, it’s hard to know where you begin and someone else ends. And it’s hard to own your own power. Say no. Say yes. Say not now.

In the call on Wednesday, October 3, Geneen talked about why it's so important — now more than ever — to pay attention to your body and your relationship with food. To take the reins, to know what you want most and then to direct your actions, including your relationship with food, in such a way that you feel satisfied and radiant and whole so that your life becomes an expression of authenticity and what you hold dear.

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