What People Say About the Retreats

Watch real stories about how Geneen's 6-day retreats have changed lives.

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One response to “What People Say About the Retreats

  1. I am 71.
    I’ve struggled with food all of my life.
    I started reading Geneen when her first book came out- I immediately threw out my scale and stopped weighing myself, thank God. Her books, videos of her talks, and her Monday morning emails have helped me a lot.
    But still my relationship with food is agonizing at times.
    I want so much to come to a retreat, but I cannot afford it. I literally do not have that much money. I am respectfully asking if is possible to get a partial scholarship, or to work for Geneen in exchange for a fee reduction, or to have a longer range payment plan.
    Geneen has worked long and hard, and deserves payment, so I will understand if these things are not possible.
    Thank you for your consideration.

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