Encore Replay Recording – The 3 Keys to Making the SHIFT with Food



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Listen now to 3 Keys to Making the Shift: How to Make 2017 The Year You Finally Make Peace with Food.  During this one-hour conversation with Claire Zammit, founder of Feminine Power, Geneen clearly explains the step-by-step process of how to overcome your struggles with food, so that you can fully unlock your power to transform your own life and open up to your possibilities.


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5 responses to “Encore Replay Recording – The 3 Keys to Making the SHIFT with Food

  1. I’ve been reading Geneen’s books and got the online Women, Food and God program but didn’t “get” it and couldn’t quit the dieting but wasn’t willing to spend the money for her in person workshops. Sunk cost fallacy at play. Anyway I’ve just finished months of working with an intuitive eating coach and am now reading books and podcasts on self-compassion and body positivity to take my dive even deeper since the mean inner voice and fear of gaining weight still haunt me enough to give me many “learning experiences” and the psychological restriction with sweets is still messing with me. But I feel like I’m on my way to gaining the “self-love” needed to live free of the weight focus I’ve spent 60 some years of ingraining. So I think Geneen’s prepared me to finally start “getting It”. This replay was very reinforcing for me.

  2. Hi Judy or Geneen person, Was able to listen to the introduction of Geneen’s talk and then after Geneen said “What a beautiful introduction.” the sound cut out. I attended a great workshop some years back which was held near Monteray. Am still needing help. Thanks and good wishes, Joan Suter

  3. Thank You for this awesome encouragement …
    Each time we choose to take a chance on ourselves
    and are willing to be witnessed in our process …
    Miracles Happen !!!

  4. I too attended a workshop at Kripalu with Geneen . I continue to have food issues and weight gain despite thinking that I try to apply her work to myself . She is amazing to hear once again . Thank you

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