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Listen now to 3 Keys to Making the Shift: How to Make 2017 The Year You Finally Make Peace with Food.  During this one-hour conversation with Claire Zammit, founder of Feminine Power, Geneen clearly explains the step-by-step process of how to overcome your struggles with food, so that you can fully unlock your power to transform your own life and open up to your possibilities.

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Join us at Geneen's 6-Day Retreat: May 23-28, 2017

Spending these six days away from your day-to-day life is a rare opportunity to work with Geneen in person and dive deeply into your relationship with food and all that it can reveal to you. During the retreat, you will learn a whole new way to relate to food — and explore the foundation upon which you build your life and your relationships. Over and over, throughout the retreat, you will have the direct experience of non-compulsive eating, amazing joy and sensing your body from the inside out. And once you know those things are possible for you, you can never go back to believing that they're not.

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