Free Holiday Call – Going Gently Through the Holidays – Thursday, December 15th




 Ahhh, the holidays are here again. The connection between eating and being happy is probably stronger during the holidays than at any other time of the year. We begin the holidays with unrealistic expectations of how it's going to be and when it doesn't turn out that way, we often use food to comfort ourselves.

Thank you for registering to join Geneen on her LIVE free call on Thursday, Dec. 15th when she'll be talking about what you can do during the holidays with your feelings, your food and yourself is so helpful. How to remember — daily, hourly — of the feast that is already your life.

Join us on December 15th.  And if you have questions you'd like Geneen to address, send them by Wednesday, December 14th to  Or post your questions on her Facebook page.

Going Gently Through the Holidays

Thursday, December 15  -  6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern 

LIVE Call: 1-425-440-5100    Conference Code: 630747#

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3 responses to “Free Holiday Call – Going Gently Through the Holidays – Thursday, December 15th

  1. I have had an awful year. I lost my job a few months ago and have not found another one. I come close and then get shut down. I am volunteering and studying, but feel so useless and used up. I am 55. Am I supposed to feel like I have lost my life? I find I am second-guessing everything. My elderly mother is in the hospital, having a bad reaction (hallucinations) to antibiotics waiting for an infection to clear so she can have heart surgery. I am stressed, exhausted, a binge and purge mess for years now…since my father died especially, but even before that. I feel like I am a total failure. I have tried therapy and have actually been rejected by doctors who think I am too ill and do not want to assume the responsibility…and now I have less options because of my health insurance not covering this sort of treatment. I just needed to vent. I am sorry. I feel so alone. I am too embarrassed to talk about this with my boyfriend, who is aware of it all anyway (one can hide just so much). Oh. I hate the holidays for many reasons from my childhood (they were always fairly violent). And I dread them even more now. I am afraid of myself.

  2. Dear Geneen,

    I’m retired. I started my own business, teaching presentation skills, and I bought lots of clothing, purses, jewelry, shoes, etc, to look “stunning” when I taught and met with “buyers.” To the tune of $18,000. I’m looking for a job and I still haven’t done my taxes. First time I’ve been late. I have a problem with rejection (from my parents) and I’ve gained 50 lbs since March. I’m quite depressed. The more depressed I feel the more I eat or sleep which doesn’t get the taxes done. I’m determined to get my taxes done this weekend or by Tuesday. I can’t stand it any longer…the taxes still to do, going from a size 4 to large in 8 months.

    I know how to eat as a thin person and I’ve done it for several weeks and then I go for the sugar. I’d appreciate any tools you may have during the telephone call on the 19th.
    With love,

  3. How do i teach myself to feel welcomed deserving and adored by myself when i had no model for that growing up in an alcoholic family. We were judged and punished on performmance only. I love the new coloring book!

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