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Let’s take the secrets out of bingeing. Let’s take the shame away. Let’s look and see what’s actually there in the beginning, middle and end of a binge. What could be better than seeing there’s nothing to hide? Than being able to feel powerful and strong no matter what you do, feel or eat?

Our call on Tuesday was powerful because we addressed these issues. And because when we talk about how to take the secret shame out of bingeing, we come home to ourselves (because, after all, rejecting any part of ourselves hurts!). Listen and discover.

This streaming audio will be available through Sunday, September 18th.  Feel free to share it with your friends and family members, or whomever you’d like to invite into our circle.

6 responses to “Encore Free Call – About Binges …

  1. Geneen, I felt your call left space in all my pain and opened up my being to realness – one could call it spiritually – as in, I started the call all wound up with just one or two solutions to my pain..but now I feel opened up, and more healed, in that I’m taking all of myself into my awareness, and most important, caring about all parts myself.
    I just wish I could keep this awareness…I find that soon, all the space closes up again and I’m back to my squeezed up self, with just one or two options, with no self love, and no, as you call it ‘enquiry about my pain’. I guess that’s where ‘practice’ comes in, we just practice that new way of feeling ourselves, often through the day. Its a whole new way of being with ourselves, sadly..
    Lovely call as always.

  2. Please make this call available indefinitely. It was wonderful, and it is something I can listen to when I want to binge and it is too long to listen to one of my online retreat classes. I would be willing to pay for the access. This is important information and I Need to hear it over and over. Please consider this. Thank you for all you do. You are a lifeline.

  3. Thank you Geneen. I just finished to listen to question & answer , and I feel that I’m not alone, my feelings are legitimate, im not from the moon, and I can listen to my Ghost child when she appears and no more bully her and order to shootout and be quite. In my childhood I was repeatedly told to shut up, not to show my feeling, not to disturb not to be seen. Literally to go away and hide, I was disturbing with my being present, with my unwelcome feeling, I was to much, I was called crazy, and I was Shure that I was. I listened so good to my childhood bullying, that I believed it for 60 years!!!! No more, I just felt that my feelings are normal, that I’m welcome. Thank you Geneen. That was incredible.

  4. I always so enjoy these live calls with Geneen. It’s funny, because Geneen said she wished she could hug each one of us and that’s exactly how I felt at the conclusion…enveloped in a lovely, warm hug. Thank you Geneen.

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