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We're glad that you have signed up to join Geneen for this inspiring talk, when she will talk about looking and seeing what’s actually there in the beginning, middle and end of a binge. What could be better than seeing there’s nothing to hide? Than being able to feel powerful and strong no matter what you do, feel or eat?   Geneen will address all of these questions (and more) on the call.


To listen to call streaming online, click on the link above.  You won't miss a word!

To listen to call by phone, use the call-in information below:

Tuesday, September 13th  -  6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern 

LIVE Call: 1-425-440-5100    Conference Code: 630747#

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11 responses to “Free Talk with Geneen – About Those Binges – Thank you for registering

  1. Hi Geneen,I was introduced to your principles and guidelines around 2008, and over time with daily practice have seen gradual and encouraging changes in my eating and overall behavior. Recently I had an exciting insight that I actually have choices when faced with food and that I can choose whether to eat or not, and choose whether or not to be the victim hiding from my fears. Choices! And I (me, myself, and I) can make these choices! I felt deep inside that I have these choices. However, I do keep falling back into automatic pilot and continue to struggle with food and eating. It is almost as though I don’t want to believe I can be that person with the choices. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on what to do about this?
    Thank you!

  2. I feel like the other hungers in my life cannot be met because of my relationship with my husband. I know I am responsible for myself and I am not in the habit of blaming others; however, I find myself doing that in this instance. I just don’t have a fully participating partner in the things that I WANT in my life. When I married I wanted someone committed, hard working, healthy and active. But now I want someone more sexual, communicative, and positive. I get that I picked him….food seems to be my medicine to love myself and suppress my annoyance…it is very satisfying and feels unshakable. I know food shouldn’t be used for that…

  3. My question is knowing that my binge only lasts a few minutes, why can’t I just hold off and do something else. Before I eat, I already know I shouldn’t be doing it, and hate myself immediately afterwards. I attended your retreat last year at Asilomar and came home knowing that I have what it takes to conquer this. But little by little it has creeped back into my life and it makes me miserable. Looking forward to the call!

  4. I understand that how we do anything is how we do everything. My fears show up the loudest with my behaviour around food. I recognize that I keep fat on my body for all forms of protection: unwanted male attention, not wanting to be seen or stand out, preparing for the next famine- whether it’s a diet or a financial or an emotional loss. How can I convince myself that it’s safe to be in the world and that its ok to allow myself to let go of my shield of armour in the form of 100 extra pounds? Thank you for the work you do!!

  5. i have been bingeing ina sick manner for the past hear. Ever since I moved to a new house by the beach where I dont have friends nor acquanintances. It is scary what I am doing.

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