Cherish Yourself – A Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentines Day Header

I believe in love.  And I believe that it begins with loving ourselves first.

I believe that every single person has something they find beautiful and that they truly love. The smell of their child’s hair, the silence of a forest, their lover’s crooked grin. And I believe that if you follow this love all the way to its end, you will find the place where goodness and healing exist -- and where your weight reflects that goodness. A place where the size of your body truly matches who you know yourself to be.

For Valentine’s Day, a day on which we come together to celebrate love in all its forms, I invite you to listen to this free talk.  Explore the beliefs that keep you from, and how you can move towards, a full, magnificent life. Some of you may have heard this talk before: we recorded last fall. It’s about living your life — right now, not waiting, and no matter what — with ease and lightness and joy. It’s about resourcing yourself in what's already working so that you have a ground of goodness you can rely on. 

This streaming audio will be available for three days only starting today. Feel free to share it with your friends and family members, or whomever you’d like to invite into our circle.

If listening to this talk knocked on the door of your heart, if something in you is longing to know and live from that ground of goodness that you sense is possible, join us at our May 2016 retreat for a deep, prolonged and unforgettable experience. Six days of immersion in constant support, endless kindness and ever present awareness. Such a blessing. The remaining spaces are filling rapidly. For more information, click here.




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