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It's spring (yippee!) and the perfect time to step out from the winter coats of old patterns and engage in a spring release.  So last Sunday,  I answered your questions LIVE on a free call.  It was fabulous -- as it always is when you get a group together about the issues that matter.   

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This streaming audio will be available through Wednesday, April 23rd.  Feel free to share it with your friends and family members, or whomever you’d like to invite into our circle.

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17 responses to “Encore – Questions (and Answers) – Free Call with Geneen

  1. This is the best phone call I have ever listened to. Thank you, Geneen.
    I could never afford your wonderful workshops but I have recommended you & your website to tons of peeps. I am a broadcast journo so I get around. I have my own show on cable and would love to interview you if you come to DC.I own many if not all of your books and have passed them around. I was wondering what you thought of Dr Mark Hyman bc that kind of deprivation is just too hard for my circle of friends & me. Also he is constantly selling and that’s such a turnoff.
    Thank you,
    Karen Allyn
    Producer, Forward Motion

  2. Really enjoyed listening to,this. It helped reinforce what I learned from Geneen’s book.living in Australia makes it impossible for me to attend a retreat. Would we be able to have more question and answer sessions like this in the future?

  3. Geneen, I always love your free talks. Thank you so much for them. I can’t afford to go to your retreats, though I would love to. Next one starts on my birthday and I’d give anything to go. But short of that I’ve read all your books and listen to your cd’s everyday everywhere I get a chance to, in the car, at work. I relate to your story. It’s like you’re talking about me.
    I have lost weight and am considered at a normal weight but still compulsively eating. Bingeing, can’t stop. I can’t seem to get it for a long stretch. Something is still wrong. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Despite the still struggle, I love hearing the truth you share. Lots going on in my life. Lots of stress. Mostly I’m coping but I have a day or two here and there that I just loose it.
    Thank you.

  4. Thank you for reminding me that living in my body can be sweet, if I can ignore the Voice, and hug the ghostchildren cryng in the dark corners of my busy life. It is very true that those of us challenged with food issues tie our happiness to weight loss. I lost 100 pounds through an intense high protein low carb program that also provided a lot of emotional and educational support. You can probably guess that I have regained weight when I found that the miracle did not fix my marriage, my work,or my loneliness. Negativity about myself took over again and I have regained 75 pounds that were hard lost. A combination of support and allowing myself to take care of myself is slowly blossoming. Your work is part of that support. Hopefully a retreat is in my future to sustain the growth of my authentic self.
    I am constantly relearning the lesson of gratitude for what has really been a very fortunate and amazing first sixty years. As a fulltime obstetrician/gynecologist, wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend to many amazing people, I need to learn to love myself as well as those I love. thank you.

  5. I agree with the other comments above…I have listened to you for years and this call was by
    far the best I have ever heard. I would love to save it and listen to it over and over again.
    Thank you for the blessings and gifts I have received from it.
    You’re the best Geneen.

  6. Your last call,geneen was profound. I have listened to several I have attended 2 retreats. Unable to get to mt Madonna this year financially. I am so sad. Struggle with self loathing. Thank you for bringing me back from it. I am so sorry for doing this to the person I have been longing to love – me

  7. I think this has been the best free online talk I’ve ever heard you do. For the first time, don’t know why, I really heard the 5 practices you always talk about. I think I just heard it differently and in context. Thank you for all of the clarification. I realize that a huge part of my struggle is the voice and not cultivating kindness most of the time. I say I do, but when it’s mostly needed I don’t. Thank you thank you thank you again. One day I will come to one of your retreats and finally meet you in person.

  8. Wonderful! I see how the aspects of stopping the voice, cultivating kindness, allowing yourself to have what’s already good in your life and developing the capacity to pay attention to the you who isn’t the wounded you is absolutely essential. Thank you so much Geneen for presenting this!

  9. That was a really amazing talk just what I needed right now. I would love to be able to listen to it again whenever I need to so is there any chance that it will be made available as a download?

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Geneen. Your talk was so powerful and touched me deeply. I love your practice of practicing kindness to the wounded self and ghost child. I am just starting this journey with you. I hope to make it to the retreat in Autumn.

  11. Daar Geneen, you are a great teacher and I really appreciatie you making this call available to us. Kindness and compassion are beautiful themes for me to explore.
    It would be fantastic to meet you in the Netherlands someday. Any chance of you visiting my country? You are very welcome!

  12. befriending self loathing seems to be my greatest difficulty…numbing self loathing works short term until it magnifies it. stopping my voice of distain and self ridicule is critical. it was important to hear in this talk how much power that voice has in continuing the suffering and destructive eating pattern. i am going to try to imagine a button that i mentally push to stop the voice, because my stop voicing is so desperate and mirrors the original abusive language. that is a new realization for me.
    thank you.

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