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When Food Is Love Video Series


When Food is Love video series consists of three one-hour programs dealing with the issues of overeating, compulsive eating, dieting, and the power and time food consumes in many lives. This series of programs is about realizing the power of one's potential when food no longer is an obsession.

In When Food is Love, Geneen aids viewers in discovering the unspoken motivations at the root of weight problems. This program offers guidance in learning to nurture oneself in ways other than with food, and demonstrates methods for accepting and forgiving oneself for what was previously considered "self-destructive" eating. Viewers will gain a sense of satisfaction in listening to their bodies and providing for its needs. They will develop trust in their ability to care for themselves. Geneen has a powerful message to share with anyone who has ever struggled with a weight problem or negative body image. With increasing awareness of health in our society today, she brings an inspiring message of "diets don't work-self love and acceptance does."

At several points throughout the program, individuals share their pain with the issue of food. Some shared their stories at the event with Geneen, others were interviewed the following day. As viewers watch the program unfold, the power and influence our culture associates with food becomes clearer. For many people who have struggled with this issue throughout their lives, this may be the first time they hear information about food that will make sense.

Part 1: Looking at the role food plays in your life.

In Part One, Geneen discusses the problem of overeating and dieting. The fact that "the average model today weighs twenty-three percent less than the average woman", is just one of the astounding bits of information she shares with viewers in an attempt to correct distorted views of eating, dieting and body image. Part One addresses the way viewers look at and deal with food through overeating and the diet-binge cycle. Geneen demonstrates that food isn't the issue. She explains how culture defines the emotions used in viewing our bodies and the way we use food to nurture ourselves.

Part 2: Steps to changing your relationship with food.

In Part Two, Geneen aids viewers in an in depth examination of the principles of Breaking Free. Through her eating principles and practices, Geneen guides the viewer in developing a sane outlook on food and an understanding of its power in their lives. From eating in the car to eating at the refrigerator, she shows viewers how to nurture rather than deprive themselves.

Part 3: Daily Living Practices

In conclusion, Geneen shares with us how to integrate her authentic living practices in everyday life. Through the experience of the Breaking Free process, viewers learn how to use valuable tools enabling them to live happier, healthier and more productive lives. The stories shared by Geneen and others are touching, emotional and filled with hope.

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