On Retreat with Geneen

On Retreat CD

On Retreat with Geneen

Geneen's six-day retreats are rare opportunities to immerse yourself in soul, body and spirit time, exploring what keeps you from committing to the promise of yourself. This 10-CD album lets you experience Geneen's life-changing retreat, with daily recordings of live sessions at the November 2013 retreat.

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Purchase Day 1: Opening: Why are You Here? $10.95

Purchase Day 2: Eating Meditation: The Practice of Conscious Eating $10.95

Purchase Day 2: Freeing Yourself from the Diet-Binge Life $10.95

Purchase Day 2: Allowing Ourselves to be Enough $10.95

Purchase Day 3: Eating Meditation: A Broken Heart Holds the Whole Universe $10.95

Purchase Day 3: Change is Possible $10.95

Purchase Day 4: Eating Meditation: Goodness Itself $10.95

Purchase Day 4: Paying Attention to Relationship and
Day 4: Creating Loveliness and Beauty $10.95

Purchase Day 5: Eating Meditation: Life is a Necklace of Moments $10.95

Purchase Day 5: It Was Always About the Love and
Day 6: Closing: Taking in the Good $10.95

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