On Monday Morning

Here's Monday's reminder to notice -- and maybe even be dazzled by -- the wonders of the day.

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  1. This is a wonderful idea!!!!!!! Thank you for such a special gift! I have been reading your things on facebook as well. So many things speak to me.

  2. What a wonderful gift – Thank you – Thank you – Thank you! I will look forward to receiving these uplifting, encouraging emails.

  3. I worked with this quote about my own eating, and I am re-reading your book, working with my child who has some learning differences/social issues, and I am seeing that this is true on this front as well. When I see her as broken, I look for more broken places to fix. This realization is bigger for me than my own learning around food. How do I thank you–except to make the changes I am learning from your book. You are a blessing in my life. Lisa

  4. Thanks Geneen, My sister and I love your book Lost and Found. We found the second chapter hilarious about your shopping for glasses. It was a familiar story, that’s why it was so funny as well. I wanted to eat all day today but thank God I haven’t. I knew I would feel uncomfortable and tired later if I did. Also I work with two small children and I need every ounce of energy I can muster up at the age of 53. Your online retreat is so helpful, you put a hugh amount of work into it. Also your books are very supportive. I hope to start a book club soon. My sister in England is very serious about following the guidelines, she introduced me to your book Women, Food and God. She’s had to buy your book three times because she kept giving it to people who might find it helpful. She read it years ago but it is only now that she is taking it on board. It is really good to talk to her about it all. So I know I am only beginning the journey but it feels right. Today I noticed the trees in bloom in a lovely park that I walk my dog, I had more awareness of the beauty and season than I’ve had in a long time. Thanks for all the hard work Geneen, Mary Mc

  5. I have spent countless hours on the couch discussing all the things I need to fix within myself. How freeing it has been to think that maybe I’m okay just the way I am.

  6. I love this idea of an inspiring message and a lovely photo to begin the week. Thank you for a thoughtful gift to all of us who only use email!

  7. I saw the other post on Facebook about not being broken, and I wasn’t sure about what you were saying. Now that I’ve seen this, it makes much more sense and has given me something to really think about.

  8. Dear Geneen, this is so true; mu husband always says that he is like a doktor for unsuccessful firms. And he has changed his hın several times; each time he changed his jon he had to deal with bigger problems. Finally he is called like a problem solver but this gives him more problems. He is like a problem magnet 🙂 Thanks for your inspiring words, now I know what we should change 🙂 Each day I learn something really valuable and todays gift came with your message. Your book is one of my favorites. I’m grateful for Oprah and the programme she introduced you, İ’m grateful for reading your book and articles, and for this message ! Love from Turkey- Istanbul

  9. thanks for showing this in your regular email…many of us dont do Facebook, and all the other media…not enough hours in the day.
    Love it. Very much appreciated. and thank you for making it a gift! M.

  10. well this comment just made me realize how very tired i am of trying to fix what is broken in me .. with books and teachings like yours i have ” fixed ‘ my eating disorder now im a normal thin eater, but im realizing just because i ” feel ‘ like alot needs ” fixing ” in me that does not mean its true .. God made me and He doesnt make mistakes, He loves me and He wants me to be kind , loving and gentle with myself just as HE wants me to treat others.. so im gonna just BE and stop trying to find whats broken and just BE .. thank you

  11. Plus, it is exhausting, in so many ways, to make yourself the “fixer”. You never get completely fixed, so you set yourself up for failure.

  12. Geneen,
    Your words are beautifully succinct and they say so much… I have been posting them on my Facebook timeline to share with my friends.They are a very wonderful gift.
    Thank You!

  13. LOL. I have received an “invitation” – the kind that is more of a “command” – to attend a meeting tonight, at which I will either have my brain picked for information OR be asked to participate in a project in which I have NO interest. I have been consciously WEANING MYSELF from this – learning to say “NO” – learning to say “That’s a GREAT idea; what’s YOUR PLAN?” – learning to use those problem-solving talents to TEACH OTHERS how to do it for themselves. This message reminds me to focus on the TEACHING and not get sucked into the DOING. Thank you!

  14. Thank you that you have given voice to my inner reality regarding not only my relationship with food but with myself. Something was, in fact, wrong with me: I believed there was something wrong with me! There had to be or I wouldn’t feel so alone, hopeless and desperate.
    I have been on the endless journey of trying to discover and fix what is so terribly wrong with me. I am just beginning to consider embarking on a journey of discovering what is lovable and worthy of kindness about me. What a huge change. Slow progress, but it’s there!
    Thank you for your words and heart. My son, like Lisa said, has learning differences, and my focus has been on what is wrong with him and trying to fix it. But that is also a form of denial, because, the whole person is not “disabled.” I have the willingness to give him the special education he needs while embracing the whole person with honesty, reality, and love. It’s OK to be who he is, who I am, and who we all are!!!!!

  15. You message could not have come at a better time.I really needed to hear. I have been “beat up” this weekend by the person I love the most and haven’t been feeling good about myself.

  16. Oh how I wish I could afford an online or better yet, in person, retreat. Understanding and KNOWING are two different things. I read Women, Food, and God some years back. I so appreciate the reminders you give us here and on FB. To help me remember. And KNOW. I have support but am sinking daily. I see that you mention rescuing ourselves. For today I stop sinking and bob back up. Thank you.

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