Yesterday, I arranged some flowers …

Sunflowers. Today, I realized how easy is to forget. I woke up today feeling queasy. A little sore throat-ish, tired, not wanting to do much of anything. And being the catastrophizer that I am, I thought, oh no, it’s Covid-19. And although, since we have been sheltering in place for four months except for brief and masked trips to the farmer’s market, it’s doubtful, as I was lying in bed, I thought, well, what if it is. I have a few friends who have had the virus, one who died, others whose close friends have had it. And I keep coming back to the urgency to remember what’s important. Not just now, but at all times, but certainly it’s a times like these that I remember, that we remember. Each time a big loss happens, I remember again. And then I forget. I remember what I need really (not much. Food, a sweater or two, dishes to eat on, warmth, a roof), what and whom I love. That we are all connected. When it gets down to the bare essentials, what’s really important. What is this virus teaching us on the inner levels? It’s so easy to forget when a crisis passes. But this one is not passing. This one is going on and on, and even with sheltering in place, even with severe restrictions, it’s so easy to forget what is important.

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  1. Hi Geneen,
    I am finding the grace in aging. Your columns so help me.I reread and reread “Women Food and God,” and it has so helped me with my Trust issues. Loved the post today with the reminder of Enough not being a quantity. I printed it and will put it in my room as a reminder. It gives me peace. Thank you Thank you.Layne

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