One of my everyday practices …

I do no matter what is taking in the good, which means looking and actually seeing what I’m looking at. Taking a few breaths—at least three—and allowing what I am seeing (or hearing or touching) to sink in. Otherwise, I go through life rushing from here to there and being nowhere as I do. (And, in fact, when I get wherever there is, if I stay in the same “more is better. This isn’t enough” mentality, I’m never anywhere at all because the next thing will be better. That’s how most of us live. The big self-improvement project. The belief that when we fix that, have that, achiever that, lose ten pounds, exercise more, we will be happy. It’s such a recipe for continued disappointment and dissatisfaction). So, everyday, I make it a priority—really a priority— to take in beauty or the ordinary magic of say, a cloud. A strawberry. The wag of Izzy’s tail. The feel of the wind on my face. And at the end of the day, as I mentioned on the meditation call last night, Matt and I will spend time recounting the lovelies from the day. I walked around our house yesterday, determined to photograph everything that lifted my heart. There were too many things, but I wanted to show you a pastiche of some of them. You could do the same thing. Take three breaths while taking in the good of what you see. Allow yourself to be moved, your brain to rewire itself from its constant thrum of negativity and repetitive thoughts to the lovelies that are waiting for you to notice them.There are always lovelies.

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