Trust Yourself With Food – Listen Now

Thank you for joining us for Geneen's free webinar:  Trust Yourself With Food.  
One of the biggest challenges with ending the suffering with food is the willingness to trust yourself, to trust what you want and need without channeling all your different hungers through what you eat. When you don’t treat yourself with tenderness, when you aren’t willing to listen to the deepest hungers of your heart, you (and all of us) have a tendency to skip over the true needs and go immediately to food. And in the process, convince yourself that you can’t be trusted.
  • What does it take to trust yourself with food? To know that if you are in a room with a box of cookies, and aren't hungry, you won't hear them calling to you (and be compelled to answer the call!).
  • How can you free yourself from the ongiong, painful fear of overeating? From the fear that left to your own devices, you will never stop.
  • What's the difference between self-acceptance and self-indulgence?
  • And, since how we eat is how we live, how do you trust your other hungers for contact, for solitude, for pleasure?
All these questions (and more) are answered in this hour-long webinar. Click on the player below to listen now:


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At the end of the webinar, Geneen talks about our upcoming retreat on May 14-19. In a nutshell, what happens at the retreat is that you get supported, encouraged, seen, and -- there is no other way to describe it -- cherished into being yourself. What happens is that joy and contentment arise. What happens is that there is a place where you realize you are not alone, a place where you can directly feel what is possible -- and in that vortex of support, begin knowing yourself as you've always known you could be.

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