The first copy …

of This Messy Magnificent Life arrived yesterday from the publisher, all wrapped up like a Valentines day present. Hooray! I still haven’t taken off the ribbon because it looks so pretty and it does feel like a gift.

A friend just read an early copy of the book and said: Reading it is like spending time with my best friend. I’m cherishing every word you write, experiencing extreme gratitude for the connection I feel steeped in — I’m curled up with my coffee and I never want this moment to end. I cry, I laugh and I feel deeply heard. Like all my deepest fears and noticings are brought to light and given a warm blanket. I feel so satisfied and content, well-fed in the arms of this book.

The book is about to be born in the world! If you are like me, you probably don’t pre-order books. You probably want the book itself, when it comes out, now. But, like me, you might also forget when the date is that it comes out…  And so: now’s the time to pre-order and this is why: pre-orders give a signal to the publisher that people want books like this so much they are willing to pre-order them. (I actually didn’t know this myself until a few days ago). Take a moment, send a signal to the world/publisher that yes, we love books that speak right to our hearts:

And here, for the first time — TA-DAH — is an excerpt from This Messy Magnificent Life:

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