So much happening these days. …

Floods and mudslides and bomb cyclones and false nuclear alerts. What a time to be alive. What a time to be in relationship to the fear and anxiety of living in and through these times.

I wanted to share the first few paragraphs from the introduction to my new book, THIS MESSY MAGNIFICENT LIFE (and wow, isn’t it true? That it’s both messy and magnificent), which will be out March 6. It’s a glimpse into what’s been on my mind since “Women Food and God” was published seven years ago.

“THIS MESSY MAGNIFICENT LIFE chronicles the shift from feeling as if we are secretly defective, helplessly and too often walking on the barbed wire of our thoughts, to waking up as the ever-present, always-sublime freedom from our incessantly restless minds, right in the middle of ordinary life.

Freedom from mental suffering is not a mystery, but a willingness to examine what keeps us from directly experiencing the peace and joy that are always accessible and forever unaffected by the passing show. If the drama and chaos in the outside world are expressions of the minds that create them, then naming and questioning the way we live in these minds, and on this earth, is the only way that true change can happen.”


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