We learn about boundaries …

We learn about boundaries (or the silent insistence not to have them) from our relationships, and so it is fabulous to do the red string project with someone else. A friend, a partner, a colleague. You get to see what you believe you’re allowed to have or say or want — and that’s only good news. Because once you see it in front of your very own eyes, through your very own red string circle, you can begin to question whether it’s true. What could be better than realizing you’re allowed to feel, need, want, that you’re allowed to take up space, have big energy, and that what someone else says does not have to be taken into your circle, your space — but is between you (not inside you).

How do you stay grounded and powerful when dealing with demands and requests from other people? The red string project teaches us to claim our own space while at the same time acknowledging and respecting the space between each of us. It's a push-pull, but it can be learned. And never has this message been so resonant.

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