Women Food and God Online Course 2: The Eating Guidelines

Part Two of the Women Food and God Online Course goes into exquisite detail on the  If Love Could Speak  (to you about food)  Guidelines.  So many people equate not dieting with bingeing but they are not the same.  It matters whether you eat junk food all day and feel depressed.  It matters whether what you eat enlivens you or makes you lethargic.  In this online course, food myths are deconstructed, and you discover how to eat what your body (not your mind) wants as a peaceful relationship with food becomes your day-to-day reality.

The Guidelines are a time-tested, proven strategy that work to help you achieve the goals that you desire and deserve.

Begin treating yourself with exquisite kindness AND lose weight!  Enroll in this life-changing Eating Guidelines online course and transform your relationship with food — beginning now!

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  1. I want to know, I started Weight Watchers 5wks ago. I love the program, cuz I’ve done it before. My question to you is “Why do I sabotage my hard work after receiving good news on the weight scale?”

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