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"Every Geneen Roth Retreat is a knock-your-socks-off experience." —Annie Hancock

There is an unfolding that happens in this time away from your regular life that cannot happen, or would take years longer to happen, otherwise. After a few days of being away from your day-to-day life, the membrane that separates you from yourself and your deepest longings begins to dissolve. The thoughts and beliefs that continually keep you from being yourself become apparent. In this safe, nurturing space you will move into what you really want for your life.Beginning with the longing to be free from issues of eating, wanting more, and never having enough and using the strength of that longing, we will explore basic questions such as: What am I really hungry for? How can I have what I want without suffering afterwards? Can I see myself and be seen for who I am? What would happen to my world and who would be threatened if I were happy? Is it possible to contact the source of love, light, stillness, peace and to live my life from that place? .The time we spend together will be soul, body and spirit time. We will explore what keeps us from committing to the promise of ourselves. We will explore the foundation upon which we build our lives and open the direct experience of spaciousness, happiness and joy by sensing our bodies, living with support, and developing the ability to feel emotions without acting them out or repressing them.


  • Discovering that no situation or feeling is unworkable
  • Learning to cherish yourself
  • Understanding how long lasting change actually happens
  • Learning not to abandon yourself when you are in pain
  • Identifying your pattern of eating/working/spending
  • Refining a way of eating that is tailored to your body, feelings and life

Half of the students at the retreat are returning students. Using their relationship with food as the path to everything that matters has become an essential part of their life practice.

In addition to our time together at retreats, ongoing support is offered throughout the year. Depending on your particular needs, you may choose to attend:
Two small weekend groups with Geneen that are only open to retreat students.
Monthly group phone calls with Geneen or the co-teachers.
Private phone sessions with one of the co-teachers for one-to-one support.
A buddy system, with retreat participants encouraged to remain in contact with each other through calling or email.

Returning to retreats to continue the exploration of your relationship with food as the path to almost everything.

We welcome you to our community.

A retreat with Geneen is a fabulous way to take time for yourself and embrace the transformative process that Geneen teaches.

Join us by registering today for the May 2013 retreat. We so look forward to welcoming you to our community.

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A Special In-Depth Retreat with GENEEN ROTH

SPRING 2013 RETREAT - (now registering)
May 14-19, 2013
Mount Madonna Center
Watsonville, CA

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FALL 2013 RETREAT - (now registering)
May 14-19, 2013
Mount Madonna Center
Watsonville, CA

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FALL 2013 RETREAT - (now registering)

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What others have said about the retreats

"Here is some of what I got, although words cannot express the magnitude of what I have gained:

  • I always wondered why people said 'love the body you have'. I get it! I love my body - all of it.
  • I can trust my body! It is very wise if I just listen.
  • I can be alone! I spend my life packed in by others...but I can stand alone when I need to and it feels good.
  • I am beautiful and I love myself! (And I believe it when I say it!)"

- Shannon Craig

"The main thing for which I want to express gratitude, deep and heartfelt gratitude, is for the way in which this work has brought me into a new feeling of safety and trust inside myself. I have tasted what it is like to feel like my internal landscape is not strewn with landmines--that everything is truly workable and is in fact lovable and worthy of love. I feel so at peace because of that experience."
-Caitlin Stewart

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When you register for the May 2013 Rtreat, you’ll receive an extra BONUS: 25% discount on Geneen’s Online Retreats, available only to registered retreat students. An indispensable part of the transforming your relationship to food (and your life!), the Online Retreats offer kindness, insight and practical steps that you can take right now in the middle of your life.