Free Call – When You Stop Judging Yourself – Sept. 17, 2015

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Change is in the air, the falling leaves, the cool mornings and evenings, and I’ve been thinking a lot about change and inner judgment. I’ve been realizing once again that judgment or criticism or shame never ever leads to transformation, and since my own inner bully has such a big mouth, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to how to work with it and be free of it. Since so many of you struggle with your own inner bullies, I can’t think of a better topic to talk to you about during our free call — on September 17th, at 6 pm Pacific Time. We will discuss how quickly the judgment happens, how wily and true it appears at the moment, and how you can disengage from its insistence that it knows better than you.

So, please join us on Sept. 17th. And if you have questions you'd like me to address, send them to me by Monday, April 6th to  Or post your questions on my Facebook page.

When You Stop Judging Yourself
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Thursday, Sept. 17  -  6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern 

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