What You Are Eating and What’s Eating You

Oh, these times, these times. They continue to be challenging on the news front, the climate front, the pandemic front. And then of course, there’s the personal front. What it’s like to be you as you hear and notice and feel the impact of so much.

Together, let’s look at how these times are impacting your relationship with food: what you are eating, how you are eating, how you feel about your body. Being together can be so healing. It’s supportive, it’s enlightening, it’s clarifying to do this in community and to be heard and seen by other people. That’s why I want to hear from you about what’s going on. And to talk to you live and in person as well.

On Tuesday, November 10th, I will be offering a free webinar to answer your questions about what you are eating and what's eating you. And  anything else that is coming up at this time. Together, let's look at:

  • how these times have impacted what, when and how you eat
  • what happens in the moment before you turn to food
  • what you can do after you’ve eaten what’s eating you
  • why these challenging times are perfect doorways to healing your relationship with you and food

Register below to join the FREE LIVE webinar. And write to me. Tell me how you are. Send your questions to:  AskGeneen@GeneenRoth.com

What You Are Eating and What's Eating You - Free LIVE Webinar - November 10 - 5:30 pm PT

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