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On Tuesday at 5 pm Pacific Time, I will be in conversation with my friend, the brilliant Marci Shimoff, author of the New York Times bestseller Happy for No Reason (that is only one of her bestselling NYT books), about the precise, unfailing steps to unshakeable peace and freedom with food

When I started this work, I needed to know that I was not crazy or out of control, and that I could be sane , be peaceful, and yes lose weight by listening deeply to myself.

Steps that would always be do-able and could be applied to any situation anywhere. Steps that are practical as well as transformative.

For all these years — more than forty — they have always been true, always reliable — and, most important, lead me back home to myself every single time.

They always lead to lightness, joy, and clarity. They instantaneously cut through the suffering about food, weight, and the years of awful stories you tell yourself about doom, failure, and never being able to have the life you want.

During our FREE Webinar on Tuesday, April 26, Marci and I will talk about the steps, how they impact our lives, and discuss in depth why and how they can work for you. By the end of the webinar, you will:

  • Understand how to begin using them in your life
  • See how they affect your relationships, your work, your everyday life
  • Discover what to do when you feel like you just can’t do one more thing
  • Know that you are not alone
  • The joy of eating without distractions
  • Learn how to start now, with one step at a time
  • Hear about our retreats and how community heals

I love being with you on these virtual webinars. I love showing you that you don’t need to keep suffering. That no matter what you’ve done or how many times you’ve done it, freedom is possible for you.

Now. All you need is what you already have: the glimmer, the sense, the belief that you are so much more than you’ve ever allowed yourself to be.

Join me and Marci on Tuesday at 5 Pacific Time and let’s take the steps to peace with food, which, as we saw yesterday, spreads out to peace within ourselves.