Gently Through the Holidays – Listen Now

The holidays are upon us. And in addition to the pressure, the madness, the joy, the lights, we have Covid.

Please enjoy a webinar we recorded before Covid about making it through this time of year without using food to numb, comfort or distract yourself. It is even more true now—with all that is going on—that coming back to yourself is your refuge, your sanctuary. Despite the sometimes craziness out there, you have a place, you always have a place in here. In you. And although the audio refers to gatherings with families, and many of you will not be doing that this year, the pointers back to yourself, back to understanding that the way you interpret a situation and not the situation itself is what causes the ripples of feelings. That is still and always is true.

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Available to listen streaming online through November 29, 2020.

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