Frequently Asked Questions

Each week, Geneen receives hundreds of emails and we are thrilled that her work is reaching so many people around the world. As the volume of messages and questions preclude personally answering each one, we have provided answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Questions on Therapy and Coaching

Does Geneen offer one-to-one guidance?
Geneen does not work with individuals personally, only in group settings during retreats and workshops.

How can I find a therapist or coach who uses the processes described in Women Food and God and her other books?
Geneen does not provide recommendations on therapists. She encourages you to interview several therapists/coaches and choose the one who meets your needs. For guidelines about interviewing therapists, see Why Weight? A Guide to Ending Compulsive Eating.

Personal Questions

How can I get in touch with Geneen personally?
Because of the many emails that Geneen receives daily, she cannot answer them personally, although she does read each one. If you would like to send a message for Geneen to read, email:

Geneen encourages you to connect with her at her Facebook page. When she’s not traveling, she reads her Facebook page, makes inspiring posts, and loves the process of reading your comments.

In-Person Retreat Questions

How can I sign up for one of Geneen's online retreats?
Registration for the Spring  retreat is open. You can register online here.

Do you offer scholarships or work exchange programs for your retreats?
To inquire about scholarships for Geneen's online retreats, send your query to:

New Events

How can I find out where to see Geneen in person at a workshop or book talk?
As soon as we schedule a retreat, workshop, book reading, talk or other appearance for Geneen, it will be announced on this website and listed HERE. We also encourage you to join Geneen's email list as we send out announcements to our subscribers when events are scheduled. To subscribe, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Online Courses

I am having questions about my Online Course registration. Who do I contact?
Please email us at: for answers to your questions.


Ongoing Support

I need support to do the practices that Geneen describes in Women Food and God. What do you suggest for me?
One of many ways of getting support is through Geneen's  Online Course programs. She also has a selection of audio of workshops, lectures and guided meditations. These  MP3 audios give wonderful, helpful support that you can use every day.

What books should I read first and which audios should I choose to get started? Is there different information in each of the books and CDs?
Since Geneen has ten bestselling books and many compelling audios that are completely different from each other, you probably want to know where to begin and how to proceed if you have already read one or more of her books. Geneen's work spans 40 years and follows a well-defined path of transformation, and each book and audio describes an aspect of that path. Check this website for complete descriptions.

Book Questions

Do you have suggestions for starting a discussion group for This Messy Magnificent Life?
Geneen has created a Book Club Guide with helpful questions to follow for This Messy Magnificent Life.  You can also fine helpful questions for Women Food and God book discussions.

I'm having trouble finding Geneen's earlier books. Where can I find them?
If you are having trouble finding any of Geneen's books, your local bookstore can order them for you, or you can order them through links on our Books page. All of Geneen's books are of great value on your path, and they can be read in any order.

Interview and Personal Appearance Questions

I would like to schedule an interview/speaking engagement with Geneen. Who do I contact?
Please end your request to:

How do I get permission to quote Geneen or reprint one of her previously written articles?
If you wish to quote or reprint portions of Geneen's books or articles in a publication, on a blog or other online source, we ask that you contact us at: