Free Call – The 3 Keys to Making the SHIFT



Join Geneen for a special brand-new free event this Thursday evening and learn how to finally make peace with food!

During this special free call, Geneen will be talking with Claire Zammit of Evolving Wisdom about the 3 key shifts she and all the women who’ve made lasting changes in their relationship with food have gone through.

It's possible to take your life back.

It's possible for you, not just for other people.

Even when you lose track of the possibility of deep, lasting transformation, it's still your birthright.

So often, we give up on our longing for spectacular change. We lose track of strong body knowledge that our lives are meant to be glorious expressions of who we know ourselves to be. We get lost in the challenges of figuring out what to eat and when to eat it or in waiting for our lives to begin until we lose weight.

Don't let yourself get to the end of your life while waiting for it to truly begin.

Make this the year you make the shift!

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