Free Call – Forgiving Yourself – Feb. 1, 2016

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Ahh, forgiveness. is such big word. And although we know it’s important to cherish ourselves and to accept the ways we are imperfect, we often don’t know where or how to start. Which is why on February 1, I want to open up the sweet mystery of forgiveness -- beginning with ourselves -- during one of our free calls. Why not forgive yourself today, now, before you take another breath!
I'd love to hear from you before Monday with your questions and comments and anything else you'd like me to address. I will read through them all, and pick as many as is possible for me to answer. So, think about what you'd like to ask or tell me, and then write to me at: Or post your questions on my Facebook page.

Forgiving Yourself
Questions (and Answers!) 

Monday, Feb. 1  -  6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern 

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