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From Geneen …

The reason I keep teaching workshops and retreats after more than four decades is that I am still and evermore passionate about using the relationship with food as a doorway to the bright spirit at the center of your life. How you eat reflects everything you believe about being alive. What a blessing. What an opportunity.

The world really is on your plate and if you are challenged by what you eat, the size of your body or your beliefs about your own worth, then it really is possible to change. But first, you have to want to. And although I know you are silently saying, “Well of course I want to…”, the truth is that for so many of us, we do and we don’t. We do but we don’t believe it is possible because we’re schlepping our past experiences on our backs and allowing them to color this very moment.

Whether or not you suffer about your relationship with food or your body, the power of food as a doorway is undeniable. You can learn that it’s not only possible to stop bingeing or feeling slightly off because of what you eat, but that it’s also possible to eat in a way that is most aligned with your heart’s desire. That makes you aware of the magnificent life force coursing through your body.

Explore with me the touchstones that shift the paradigm of shame and suffering around our bodies, food and weight to one of power and joy.

With love,

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Your relationship to food is inseparable from your core beliefs about being alive. No matter how sophisticated, wise, or enlightened you believe you are, how you eat tells all.

During this recorded workshop, you will begin to understand what prompts you to eat when you aren’t hungry and the steps to ending obsession (and the absolute freedom and joy of that).

You'll learn the 3 Key Shifts that thousands of women have gone through to achieve their natural weight and make a lasting change in their relationship with food and their bodies.

Rather than getting rid of your conflicted relationship with food, you will become aware of what's standing in your way:

  •  Understand Why the Shape of Your Body Obeys the Shape of Your Beliefs:  We starve and stuff, we binge and diet. Not just with food, but with our very life force. But a belief is just a thought you’ve thunk thousands of time; it is not necessarily true. Learn to identify these limiting beliefs and explore what is true now.
  • Learn the “If Love Could Speak” Guidelines:  Not a diet, not a set of rules, these Guidelines help you to listen to your body, treat it with loving kindness, and feed it what it truly wants. The Eating Guidelines are a proven, direct way to lose weight.
  • Disengage from the Voice that You Believe Tells the Truth:  If beating yourself up with the inner critic in your head led to change, you'd already be perfect. Learn how to separate from that Voice and treat yourself with love and kindness.
  • Work Through Life's Challenges:  No feeling or situation is unworkable. Not heartbreak, not grief, not sadness, not loneliness, not anger. Anything can be felt, sensed, worked through. By inquiring into feelings and beliefs, you can look into and see what is really beneath those compulsions. One taste of this direct knowing and nothing can ever be the same.

Let this the moment you make the SHIFT with food … and so much more.

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Ending Obsession, Really • On Demand Video Workshop

"What a heart opening, let-the-light-in, release-the-pain, workshop. I am new on this journey. Food feels like my final frontier. Thank you Geneen for being my guide."  — Diane

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