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End Your Suffering With Food

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When you follow the Action Steps in this free E-Book, you'll learn the tools to reset your patterns around food:

  • How to tell if you are really hunger
  • What your body actually wants to eat
  • To joy of eating without distractions
  • How to stop when your body has enough
  • What to do in the middle of a binge

No matter how many times you've tried and failed, you can change. It isn't magic; it isn't luck; it's possible for you.

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Our Eating Meditations are a cornerstone of our 6-day retreats: the time when (yes, even over Zoom)
we bring our food and eat together. And our socks are knocked off by what we learn.

You'll be in the company of others like yourself,
with the same longings, and experience first-hand eating what your body wants, without distractions, until you're satisfied. 


And Discover the Secrets to
Breaking Free from Emotional Eating

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Bring a meal to eat ... and come hungry!

“I thought I liked brownies.
Craved brownies.
But now, when I eat one bite by bite, 
I realize I don’t even like the taste!”

- Kathy Jenkins