Eating with Geneen! – Watch Now

Our Eating with Geneen! webinar was a knock-your-socks-off-experience! A fabulous taste of what it's like to be on retreat with Geneen.

If food and body issues plague you, it's worth taking a few moments to watch this short video and hear what others say ... and to realize that there really is an end. There is a way to heal.

Interactions and ah-ha moments like these happen every day during Geneen's live online retreats.  We laugh, we cry, we learn what it is like to see the world on our plates.

For six days, you are immersed in what feeds your heart. Not just the food itself, but the insights, the small group processes, the meditations, the practice of being the change you want to see.

If you've been considering joining us, why wait another day? Space on this retreat is very limited. Don't miss this opportunity.

Women Food and God - LIVE Online Retreat with Geneen
November 9-14, 2021
Limited Space Available


Don't worry if you live in another part of the globe. The sessions are taped so that you can watch them and not miss anything.

If you feel the impulse, if you’ve been waiting to hear the call of your heart, take the leap and join us this November for a miraculous, life-changing, spectacular six days together. You will never regret it.