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Join me on Saturday, October 9th for our first-ever-open-to-the-public Eating Meditation! Instead of talking about food -- how, when and why we eat -- let’s actually eat together!

Our Eating Meditations are a cornerstone of our bi-yearly retreats: the time when (yes, even over Zoom) we bring our food and eat together. And our socks are knocked off by what we learn.

What you'll bring:

  • Your hunger!
  • A meal to eat.

What you'll learn:

  • Why you are using food and how to change that
  • Who you are feeding when you eat (hint: it may be the child who doesn’t believe she’s allowed)
  • What the foods you think you love actually taste like (An avocado or piece of chocolate eaten while in a rush standing up or in the car is not the same when eaten slowly, with attention.

Join me on Saturday, October 9th. Come and experiment … and experience how eating can be joyful!

Eating with Geneen
LIVE Saturday, October 9
10:30 am PT

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