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Your Relationship With Food Is The Doorway

“How much do you want yourself? Because this is the best way I’ve found to cut through everything and see who I am so I can shine.” — Michelle, Retreat Student

If there was ever a time when we become aware of how we spend our attention,
where our minds wander off to, what our values are — this is the time.

If you have been turning to food, if that part of you that feels as if it can’t or won’t get enough is getting triggered and you are turning to food to soothe yourself, you can learn different patterns. Really you can.

Almost everything in your outer world has changed in these past few weeks, why not make a plan to effect a parallel inner change?

Why not learn to pay attention to what has been haunting you for most of your life?

Why not set yourself free?

Our live December 2020 online retreat is designed to do just that. We know it works. We know that anything changes if you practice what you want to change.

Join me. Join us. Take this time to release yourself from obsession. You’ve done so many other things in your life that you didn’t think you could do. Now, do what would ease your mind, your heart, your sweet body.

Awaken The Power Inside Of You

It is not often that we stop and wonder or go deeper into what the food on our plates is telling us about our beliefs, our judgments, or the ways we hold ourselves back.

We want peace, clarity, joy and forget to use what’s already here as a doorway to exactly what we’ve been missing for most of our lives.

Today, right here, right now, I want to show you how to open that door.

It’s six days -- right in the middle of life as we’ve now come to know it -- to dive deeply into your relationship with food and all that it can reveal to you. Together with other women who share your longing, you will:

  • Listen to your body and feed it what it truly wants
  • Learn and directly experience what “enough” is
  • Identify the positive and often unconscious reasons why you keep the weight struggle alive
  • Identify your patterns of eating/working/spending and how change happens for you
  • Learn to channel the obsession with food, weight, and body in a life-affirming direction
  • Explore your beliefs about abundance, scarcity, relaxation, and kindness
  • Begin to turn off the inner critic and treat yourself with exquisite kindness
  • Learn the tools to change what limits your life and the shape of your body
  • Discover gratitude for and confidence in your own life
  • And find peace within yourself and your world

Most importantly, you'll taste what it feels like to end your suffering now and allow your one-of-a-kind fabulousness to manifest.

And once you know those things are possible for you, you can never go back to believing that they are not.

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"This retreat for me has been amazing and transformational. While that’s been my experience at all of the retreats I’ve attended, doing this one on Zoom helped me to feel much less self conscious and relaxed. - Mary, May 2020 Online Retreat

"Thrilled, Thrilled, Thrilled. Better than I could have ever expected …”.  - Kayle, May 2020 Online Retreat

Our December 1-6, 2020 LIVE Online Retreat with Geneen will open to registration soon.  Space in this retreat is limited -- and will fill quickly.

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