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We've done our best to anticipate and answer your questions about Geneen's Online Courses. Please review the list of questions and answers below.

IF YOU DON'T FIND AN ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION HERE, please send your question or concern to:

Because of the large number of Students, we cannot provide phone support by our Staff. You'll receive an answer within two business days.


Do I need to read Women Food and God before enrolling in the online course?

No, you don't need to read or have read Geneen's book prior to enrolling in the Women Food and God Online Course. The course is based on key principles presented in Geneen's book, but is not by any means a simple retelling of the contents of the book. The Presentations, Meditations, Question and Answer Sessions and Action Steps/Practices stand on their own, and do not require reading the book in advance for you to benefit from them.

Is the Women Food And God Online Course different than Geneen's book of the same name?

Geneen's Online Course is far from a simple retelling of her bestselling book or other learning packages. The course offers eight presentations, all of which are based on sharing in-depth information, inspiration and motivation about the key principles related to transforming your relationship with food into one of freedom, joy and peace. In addition, Geneen provides Meditations/Guided Imageries as well as  Action Steps/Practices for each part of the course. You can register with confidence, knowing that you will learn far more from attending Geneen’s Online Course than is contained in the book or other learning packages.

I'm not "computer savvy." Will that pose any difficulties to my enrollment in the Online Course?

Fortunately, you don’t have to be “computer savvy” to take full advantage of this “virtual event.” When you enroll in the Women Food and God Online Course, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to log into listen to or download the recordings and the text summaries. So if you know how to use your email and Web browser (which we know you do, based on that you are reading this answer), then you’re all set to go!

Do you offer Continuing Education Units ("CE's" or "CEU's") for participation in the Women Food and God Online Course?

This course is designed primarily to assist attendees with their own relationship to food and eating. It’s not designed as a professional development course, although it WILL be highly beneficial to those who help others. If you are in one of the helping professions (whether your profession requires certification and/or ongoing certification or not), you can take what you learn in this program and determine on your own how to best use it in your professional practice. We do not offer Continuing Education Units ("CE's" or "CEU's") for professionals in any field at this time, and have no plans at the time to offer Continuing Education Units for this online program in the future.

Can I enroll in Geneen's Online Course if I don't live in the U.S.?

The Women Food and God Online Course is available to anyone with computer and Internet access around the world. It is also designed to be timeless, so that you can enroll and begin anytime, anywhere. Including right now.

My UserName and/or Password isn't working.

If you're UserName and/or Password isn't working to log into the Women Food and God Online Course:
The most common obstacle people have in logging in is that they mis-type their UserName and or Password. This happens especially in cases where there is a letter that can become confused with a number. For example, a capital "O" confused with a "0" (zero), and a small "l" (lowercase "L") confused with a "1" (the number one).
Another reason for a login attempt not working is cutting and pasting from an email and accidentally including a blank "space" before or after (or both) the UserName and/or Password. Please attempt to log in once again.
Please NOTE that in some cases, it may be your browser that is causing the problem. If after making absolutely sure that it's not your UserName or Password, then REFRESH YOUR BROWSER before trying to enter your login information once again.
If problems still persist, send an email to our customer support and we'll help you update your login information:

How do I download the audio files and Summary pdf files in the Women Food and God Online Course?

Below are basic instructions for downloading the MP3 recordings. Following these instructions should resolve this issue for you. However, any number of factors (including your computer hardware, your Operating System, your Web browser, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the quality of your Internet connection, to mention just a few) could get in the way of your success.
- - -
To Download Files to Your Computer:
Select the Part of the course that you wish to download.
Move your cursor over the Download button.
For Windows Computers: "RIGHT CLICK" and HOLD your mouse button down at the same time.
For Macintosh Computers: HOLD down the "CONTROL" (ctrl) button on your keyboard, and your mouse button at the same time.  You can also click on the Option button (alt) and the file will automatically download to your Download file.
THEN, for EITHER Windows or Macintosh computers:
A "dialogue box" will appear, containing several options. Select the option in the dialogue box that indicates "Download Linked File As..."
This option will then bring up another dialogue box in which the name of the file appears and allows you to navigate to the place you'd like to save your file -- just like you would use the "Save As" dialogue box in other software programs that you regularly use.
It's a good idea to create a Folder on your computer specifically dedicated to the files from your Online Course. This will make them much easier to save in the same place, and to find later.

How do I download my Online Course to my iPad or iPhone?

If you wish to download the different parts of the course, you will need to download an APP.  Because of the way iPhones and iPads are programmed, they are not designed to download MP3 files directly into their system.  They do offer this link for free APPs that will allow you to download and play MP3 files.

Also, you can download to your computer and transfer the files to your iPhone or iPad.

 Can I access my Online Course when I am traveling?

The Women Food and God Online Course is self-guided and timeless, so that you can log in anywhere, any time that you have access to a computer and Internet access that does not block your access to password-protected Web sites. Simply make sure you have your unique login information.

Can I log on or listen to the recordings in my Online Course from someone else's computer?

To access your course from another computer, make sure you have Internet access and use your unique login User Name and Password information.

Do you offer any scholarships to enroll in the Online Course?

Although we've priced Geneen's Women Food and God Online Course to be an affordable training, we understand that some may have circumstances that make it difficult or impossible to afford this program even at such a low price. Therefore we offer a limited number of scholarships and discounts. You may submit your request for a scholarship or a discount by sending an email to the address below.  Be sure to provide information on your financial need:
Be assured that you request will be read and reviewed, and an answer provided promptly.