Bring A Meal! Webinar – Join Us

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Saturday, April 23 - 10:00 am Pacific Time

Most women (and many men) struggle with food and weight and body shame. We tell ourselves stories about what, when and how much to eat. We hide our thighs, we hide our arms, we feel like failures from having tried and failed so many times that we have given up on ourselves.

So why not do something radical? Why not use food to break free from food-related patterns? Why not eat together and see what goes through your mind when you sit down to eat?

Here is what I know: There is not one pattern, not one feeling about food or weight that cannot be dispelled. Healed. Dissolved.

After working with myself — I was once fifty pounds overweight — and tens of thousands of people in the last forty years, I’ve been privileged to witness miracles. Astonishing breakthroughs. And most of all, having a peaceful relationship with food.

Which is why we are offering this FREE webinar on Saturday, April 23rd. Join us and discover:

  • How to tell if you are really hungry
  • What your food actually tastes like
  • The joy of eating without distractions
  • How to stop when your body has enough

Our Eating Meditations are a cornerstone of our 6-day retreats: the time when (yes, even over Zoom) we bring our food and eat together. And our socks are knocked off by what we learn.

What you'll bring:

  • Your hunger!
  • A meal to eat

What you'll learn:

  • Why you are using food and how to change that
  • Who you are feeding when you eat when you are not hungry
  • What the foods you love actually taste like. (An avocado or piece of chocolate eaten while you are not in a rush standing up or in the car is not the same when eaten slowly, with attention)!

This FREE webinar is a rare opportunity to sample what being on retreat is like. Not just the food itself, but the insights, the small breakout groups, the support of a community of women with the same longings.

We are only offering this webiner ONCE! Don't miss the chance to discover, bite by bite, that you are sane, whole, magnificent.

Why miss a single bite of something you love? Join us this Saturday, April 23rd. Be astonished at what you discover.