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Read an Interview with Geneen from The Globe and Mail
by Mary Gooderham and published online by The Globe and Mail
"Self-help author Geneen Roth got the call on a morning in December of 2008. Her best friend was on the line to say that New York financier Bernie Madoff was ..." [Read the article...]

Interview with Geneen on Huffington Post 
Geneen had a great conversation recently about women, work and eating at your desk. Read the article and take the challenge! And let Geneen know how it goes on her Facebook page. [read the article...]

Videos from The Oprah Winfrey Show
"an aha moment"
"you have the power to change your life"

For more excerpts from Geneen's appreances on The Oprah Show, go to Geneen Roth's Video and Audio Archive

Geneen Roth Defines The Voice
[watch the video]

Oprah Soul Series Interview
[listen to an audio clip]

What Are You Hungry For? Hint: It's Not Food
Oprah Talks to Author Geneen Roth, published in O, The Oprah Magazine
[read the article...]

Weight Loss Follow-Up: Loving Yourself at Any Size
The Oprah Winfrey Show
[read the transcript...]


Geneen Roth on the Today Show 
Geneen talks about losing her life savings in the Bernie Madoff scandal, and tells how it caused her to change her money habits.
[watch the video]

Cultivate Life! Magazine ~ Geneen Roth: No Situation Is Unworkable, Sounds True
Tami Simon of Cultivate Life! Magazine speaks with Geneen Roth
[read the interview...]

Lost and Found: Unexpected Revelations About Food and Money, published online by Sacramento Book Review
"Lost and Found," by Geneen Roth, dares to discuss a topic almost as taboo as politics and religion—money. Roth blesses readers with a sophisticated narrative about the variety of dysfunctional relationships people have with money and food, ...
[read the review...]

Geneen Roth knows we can't find change before finding ourselves, by June Thompson, The Montreal Gazette was in Roth's newest book, Lost and Found—which, as its subtitle says, deals with Unexpected Revelations About Food and Money—where I truly saw myself.

"The way we eat is the way we spend."

When I read those words, they struck me. That's me in a nutshell: all or nothing.
[read the article...]

Geneen Roth Gets Real About Food and Money, published by Kirkus Reviews
Geneen Roth's books and articles explore hunger, deprivation and healing, including her New York Times bestseller, Women Food and God (2010). When Roth and her husband lost their life savings in the Bernie Madoff scandal, ...
[read the article...]

Geneen Roth talks about women, food, money and Oprah, published online by the Huffington Post 
Interested in finding out what Oprah's mindful eating coach Geneen Roth is thinking about women, food, money and Oprah?
[read the interview...]

Geneen Roth on Food and Money, published by Good Times
The topic of food and money-and all the rich insights that can come along with exploring the emotions surrounding them-spring to life when the bestselling author returns to Bookshop Santa Cruz...
[read the article...]

What I Gained by Losing in Madoff, published by The Huffington Post
When Geneen Roth and her husband lost their life savings, Roth joined the millions of Americans dealing with financial turbulence, uncertainty and abrupt ...
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More Articles and Interviews

Author Magazine Online
watch the interviews

New Day NW - KING 5 Television
watch the interview

CBS Early Show with Erica Hill
watch the interview

New Dimensions with Justine Willis Toms
listen to the interview

Annie (Lamott) and Me (Geneen Roth)
My sweet friend and the brilliant writer Annie Lamott, author of Grace (Eventually) and a brand new novel, Imperfect Birds, and I made a video together about food and women and, our relationships to God and higher powers.
[listen to the conversation...]

Using Obsession as a Doorway Into the Life You Most Want
Justine Tom of New Dimensions interviews Geneen.
[listen to the interview...]

About Geneen and Women Food and God, published in the Marin Independent Journal
[read the article...Eating Disorder Awareness Week: The Answer To Everything Is On Your Plate, published on Huffington Post
Since this is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I wanted to say something about the connection between eating disorders and spirituality.
[read the article...]

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week: I Want To Be A Hot Fudge Sundae, published on Huffington Post
It's never been true, not anywhere at anytime, that the value of a soul, of a human spirit is dependent on a number on a scale.
[read the article...]

How To Avoid Binge Eating During The Holidays, published on Huffington Post
We enter the holiday season with unreal expectations of gladness, blazing fires and ruddy cheeks. But when it doesn't turn out that way, we often turn to-yup, you guessed it -- food.
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What I Gained by Losing in Madoff, published on Huffington Post
I was standing in my kitchen wondering what I was going to have for lunch when my friend Taj called.
[read the article...]

In Geneen's Own Words
The real miracle wasn't that I lost weight or that the biggest problem of my life was no longer a problem, it was that all this time, my longing -- which expressed itself in distorted eating -- was for the right thing but I didn't know how to listen, to be attentive.
[read Geneen's story]

Having it all... Then what?, published in The Dallas Morning News
Even when women achieve their goals, disappointment for some may be 'inevitable.'
[download the article, .pdf, 148k*]

An Interview with Geneen Roth, published in The Sun Magazine
Geneen is interviewed by Renee Lertzman.
[read the complete interview]

The Bald Truth, published in New Age Journal
Losing your hair, the author learns, can be good for your soul.
[download the article, .pdf, 216k*]

No Matter What We Eat, published in The Sun, A magazine of ideas
[download the article, .pdf, 252k*]

The Search for True Nourishment
[download the article, .pdf, 648k*]

Cupcakes for You
What happens when a piece of bittersweet flourless Chocolate Decadence Cake from Debbie's Does Dessert arrives at a table at which I happen to be sitting?
[read the article...]

Thin People Get Old, Have Cellulite and Die
Busting the myth that skinny equals happy.
[read the article]

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