November 2023 Online Retreat – Early Registration

The November 2023 Online Retreat, broadcast live online via ZOOM, is a chance to return to the work with Geneen and your retreat community, dive deep into the practices and check in for support, guidance and love. Join us for another unforgettable retreat.

Schedule: November 7-12, 2023

Tuesday: Opening Session - 5:30 pm PT

Wednesday - Saturday:
Movement & Meditation - 8:30 am PT
Eating Meditation - 10:30 pm PT
Afternoon - Break time for naps, walks, journaling
Afternoon Session - 3:00 pm PT
Evening Session - 5:30 pm PT

Movement & Meditation - 8:30 am PT
Closing Session - 11:00 am PT

Tuition: $1,420* Student Special Rate
Save $175 off regular tuition - offer ends Thursday, May 25.

$595 Deposit - Due with registration; $825 balance due September 6, 2023

To register with a debit or credit card, click below. For all other payment methods or payment plans, contact Judy at or 703-401-0871. We're always here to help!

Cancellation Policy: 

  • Cancellations must be requested in writing to “Geneen Roth & Associates, Inc.” (email, fax, or USPS).
  • Cancellations received by September 6, 2023: You will receive a full refund less the $250 non-refundable/non-transferable administration fee.
  • Cancellations recieved after September 6, 2023: No refunds, transfers or credits. Recordings streaming online will be available to review following the end of the online retreat.

Terms & Conditions:

By registering for and attending the November 2023 Online Retreat with Geneen Roth, presented by Geneen Roth and Geneen Roth & Associates, Inc. (GR&A), broadcast streaming live online on November 7-12, 2023, you agree to the following terms:

  1. I understand and agree that I will NOT separately record any part of the session, by audio or video. I also understand and agree that photography (screen shots) of the online retreat with Geneen are not permitted and shall not be shared on social media or any other form of publication (digital or printed).
  2. I acknowledge and agree that GR&A will be recording this online retreat, and GR&A may at its sole discretion use this recording, screen shot photography or audio files, including the participation of any or all participants therein (yourself included unless otherwise stipulated), in any and all media, provided that GR&A will take reasonable efforts to disguise my name. If you do not want your image or voice used by GR&A, please send your request in writing to:
  3. I understand that all content, written, audio and video recordings, of the November 2023 Online Retreat is copyrighted © 2023 and owned by Geneen Roth and Geneen Roth & Associates, Inc., all rights reserved.