Cancer Chronicles, Part 24

I never thought I’d get married. I never thought I’d meet someone who I’d want to spend every day with. I used to imagine being with Richard Chamberlain (he was, after all Dr. Kildare, and as it turns out, gay although I didn’t know that then), but I could never imagine anyone real, anyone I’d met wanting to spend their days with me. Because I had so many judgments about myself — my intensity, my ambition, my many foibles — that it seemed like it would take an imaginary Dr. Kildare to want to be with me.

Today is my 29th wedding anniversary. And I’m writing this Cancer Chronicle to celebrate that and to celebrate love.

Here’s to love, everyone.  Here’s to loving ourselves. Here’s to being the love of our own lives. And here’s to the miracle of someone, anyone seeing and loving our imperfect selves.

And: Happy anniversary to my beloved partner. It was a lucky day on earth when I met you.

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