Seven Steps to Freedom with Food



seven-steps-phone-header-FINALRegister below to listen to Geneen's brand-new free LIVE call and learn her Seven Steps to Freedom with Food!

During this call, Geneen discussed the Seven Steps that she has followed for over 30 years.  How they instantly cut through the suffering with food, weight, and the years of stories you have told yourself about doom, failure, and never having the life you want. And, the bonus is, they lead to weight loss.

By the end of the hour-long call, you will:

  •  Know what the Seven Steps are and why they are important
  •  Understand how to begin using them in your life
  •  See how they affect your relationships, your work, your everyday life
  •  Discover what to do when you feel like you just can’t do one more thing
  •  Know that you are not alone
  •  Learn how to start now, with one step at a time
  •  Hear about our retreats and how community heals

You don’t need to keep suffering. No matter what you’ve done or how many times you’ve done it, freedom is possible for you. Now.  All you need is what you already have: the glimmer, the sense, the belief that you are so much more than you’ve ever allowed yourself to be.

To listen to the recording or the FREE call from anywhere in the world, register below. You'll be directed to the page to hear the recording streaming live.


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