The 3 Keys to Making the SHIFT



Thank you for joining Geneen for a special brand-new event:  The 3 Keys to Making the SHIFT with Food.

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Join us at Geneen's Live Stream Workshop

March 17 - 18

There’s still time to register for Geneen's upcoming LIVE STREAMING WORKSHOP.  Make this your year to make lasting peace with food.  Join us through the magic of live streaming video online  Friday evening March 17th and Saturday March 18th in Redwood City, CA.

Get all the details information and register with our Early Bird Rate of $79 securely online right here:

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2 responses to “The 3 Keys to Making the SHIFT

  1. I love the insights Geneen has given me. With all diets and approaches, I felt overwhelmed. I appreciate Geneen sharing her journey over the years in her books, workshops, and media. I was surprised and delighted to learn about the free event, The Three Keys to Making the Shift. I apparently misunderstand the process. There was no player to click on to use the live streaming. When I tried to call in, it asked for a password I didn’t have access to. I hope this will be made available in another format. I look forward to hearing this.

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